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Excess weightLogging trucksSpecial permitsCounty or city permitsFeesDiscretion of arresting officer.

A three axle truck tractor and a two axle pole trailer combination engaged in the operation of hauling logs may exceed by not more than six thousand eight hundred pounds the legal gross weight of the combination of vehicles when licensed, as permitted by law, for sixty-eight thousand pounds: PROVIDED, That the distance between the first and last axle of the vehicles in combination shall have a total wheelbase of not less than thirty-seven feet, and the weight upon two axles spaced less than seven feet apart shall not exceed thirty-three thousand six hundred pounds.
Such additional allowances shall be permitted by a special permit to be issued by the department of transportation valid only on state primary or secondary highways authorized by the department and under such rules, regulations, terms, and conditions prescribed by the department. The fee for such special permit shall be fifty dollars for a twelve-month period beginning and ending on April 1st of each calendar year. Permits may be issued at any time, but if issued after July 1st of any year the fee shall be thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. If issued on or after October 1st the fee shall be twenty-five dollars, and if issued on or after January 1st the fee shall be twelve dollars and fifty cents. A copy of such special permit covering the vehicle involved shall be carried in the cab of the vehicle at all times. Upon the third offense within the duration of the permit for violation of the terms and conditions of the special permit, the special permit shall be canceled. The vehicle covered by such canceled special permit shall not be eligible for a new special permit until thirty days after the cancellation of the special permit issued to said vehicle. The fee for such renewal shall be at the same rate as set forth in this section which covers the original issuance of such special permit. Each special permit shall be assigned to a three-axle truck tractor in combination with a two-axle pole trailer. When the department issues a duplicate permit to replace a lost or destroyed permit and where the department transfers a permit, a fee of fourteen dollars shall be charged for each such duplicate issued or each such transfer.
All fees collected hereinabove shall be deposited with the state treasurer and credited to the motor vehicle fund.
Permits involving city streets or county roads or using city streets or county roads to reach or leave state highways, authorized for permit by the department may be issued by the city or county or counties involved. A fee of five dollars for such city or county permit may be assessed by the city or by the county legislative authority which shall be deposited in the city or county road fund. The special permit provided for herein shall be known as a "log tolerance permit" and shall designate the route or routes to be used, which shall first be approved by the city or county engineer involved. Authorization of additional route or routes may be made at the discretion of the city or county by amending the original permit or by issuing a new permit. Said permits shall be issued on a yearly basis expiring on March 31st of each calendar year. Any person, firm, or corporation who uses any city street or county road for the purpose of transporting logs with weights authorized by state highway log tolerance permits, to reach or leave a state highway route, without first obtaining a city or county permit when required by the city or the county legislative authority shall be subject to the penalties prescribed by RCW 46.44.105. For the purpose of determining gross weight the actual scale weight taken by the officer shall be prima facie evidence of such total gross weight. In the event the gross weight is in excess of the weight permitted by law, the officer may, within his or her discretion, permit the operator to proceed with his or her vehicles in combination.
The chief of the state patrol, with the advice of the department, may make reasonable rules and regulations to aid in the enforcement of the provisions of this section.


Effective dateSeverability1979 ex.s. c 136: See notes following RCW 46.63.010.
Effective datesSeverability1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 64: See notes following RCW 46.16A.455.
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