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Driving record information.

(1)(a) Before issuing a CDL or CLP, the department must obtain driving record information:
(i) Through the commercial driver's license information system;
(ii) Through the national driver register;
(iii) From the current state of record; and
(iv) From all states where the applicant was previously licensed over the last ten years to drive any type of motor vehicle.
(b) A driving record check under (a)(iv) of this subsection need only be performed once at the time of initial issuance of a CDL or CLP, provided a notation is made on the driver's record confirming that the driving record check has been made and noting the date it was completed.
(2) Within ten days after issuing a CDL or CLP, the department must notify the commercial driver's license information system of the information required under 49 C.F.R. Sec. 383.73 as it existed on July 8, 2014, or such subsequent date as may be provided by the department by rule, consistent with the purposes of this section and provide all information required to ensure identification of the person.


Effective date2013 c 224: See note following RCW 46.01.130.
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