Chapter 46.01 RCW



46.01.020Department created.
46.01.030Administration and improvement of certain motor vehicle laws.
46.01.040Powers, duties, and functions relating to motor vehicle laws vested in department.
46.01.070Functions performed by state patrol as agent for director of licenses transferred to department.
46.01.100Organization of department.
46.01.110Rule-making authority.
46.01.115Rules to implement 1998 c 165.
46.01.130Powers and duties of directorVehicle registration, appointments, branch offices, personnel screening.
46.01.135Establishment of investigation unitUse of criminal history information.
46.01.140County auditors, agents, and subagentsPowers and dutiesStandard contractsRules.
46.01.150Branch offices.
46.01.160Forms for applications, certificates of title, registration certificates, etc.
46.01.180Oaths and acknowledgments.
46.01.190Designation of state patrol as agent for surrender of drivers' licenses.
46.01.230Payment by check or money orderDishonored checks or money ordersFailure to surrender canceled certificate, registration, or permitImmunity from payment of uncollected feesRules.
46.01.235Payment by credit or debit card.
46.01.240Internet payment option.
46.01.250Certified copies of recordsFee.
46.01.260Destruction of records by director.
46.01.270Destruction of records by county auditor or other agent.
46.01.290Director to make annual reports to governor.
46.01.310Immunity of director, the state, county auditors, agents, and subagents.
46.01.315Immunity of director, the state, licensed driver training schools, and school districts in administering knowledge and driving portions of driver licensing examination.
46.01.320Title and registration advisory committee.
46.01.330Facilities siting coordination.
46.01.340Database of fuel dealer and distributor license information.
46.01.350Fuel tax advisory group.
46.01.360FeesStudy and adjustment.
46.01.370Authority to sell and distribute discover passes and day-use permits.
46.01.380Cost recoveryPortion of credit card and other financial transaction costs.
46.01.385Agency financial transaction account.


Extension or modification of licensing, certification, or registration period authorizedRules and regulations, manner and content: RCW 43.24.140.
Gambling commission, administrator and staff for: RCW 9.46.080.
Health, department of, functions transferred to: RCW 43.70.901.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.