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Executive committeeLegislative auditorRules, subcommittees.

The members of the joint committee shall form an executive committee consisting of one member from each of the four major political caucuses, which shall include a chair and a vice chair. The chair and vice chair shall serve for a period not to exceed two years. The chair and the vice chair may not be members of the same political party. The chair shall alternate between the members of the majority parties in the senate and the house of representatives.
Subject to RCW 44.04.260, the executive committee is responsible for performing all general administrative and personnel duties assigned to it in the rules and procedures adopted by the joint committee, as well as other duties delegated to it by the joint committee. The executive committee shall recommend applicants for the position of the legislative auditor to the membership of the joint committee. The legislative auditor shall be hired with the approval of a majority of the membership of the joint committee. Subject to RCW 44.04.260, the executive committee shall set the salary of the legislative auditor.
The joint committee shall adopt rules and procedures for its orderly operation. The joint committee may create subcommittees to perform duties under this chapter.
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