Chapter 44.16 RCW



44.16.010Examination of witnessesCompulsory process.
44.16.020Service of process.
44.16.030Chair to administer oaths.
44.16.040Commission to examine absent witness.
44.16.050Commission executed during recess.
44.16.060To whom directedInterrogatories.
44.16.070Oath and powers of commissioner.
44.16.080Examination to be private.
44.16.090Testimony reduced to writing.
44.16.100Return of depositions.
44.16.110Fees of commissioner and witnesses.
44.16.120Punishment of recalcitrant witness.
44.16.130Failure to attendContempt.
44.16.140Refusal to testifyContempt.
44.16.150Punishment for contempt.
44.16.160Warrant of imprisonment.
44.16.170Record of proceedings.


Reviser's note: "Act" has been translated to "chapter" throughout chapter 44.16 RCW as the entire chapter is composed of 1895 c 6 with the exception of 1897 c 33 § 1, which is supplementary thereto.
Joint administrative rules review committee, subpoena powers: RCW 34.05.675 and 34.05.681.