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Employment of personnelAssistance of state officialsWitness expensesAppropriationsCompensation.

(1) The commission may employ the services of experts, consultants, and support staff, including attorneys not employed by the attorney general, as necessary to carry out its duties pursuant to this chapter.
(2) The chief election officer, the treasurer, and the attorney general shall make available to the commission such personnel, facilities, and other assistance as the commission may reasonably request. The chief election officer shall be the official recipient of all provisional and preliminary census data and maps, and shall forward such data and maps, upon request, to the commission.
(3) The commission, upon written request by a witness and subject to rules promulgated by the commission, may reimburse witnesses for their necessary expenses incurred in appearing before the commission.
(4) The legislature shall appropriate funds to enable the commission to carry out its duties. Members shall receive one hundred dollars of compensation for each day spent in the performance of their duties. Compensation of employees shall be determined by the commission. The provisions of RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060 shall apply to both the members and the employees of the commission.
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