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Conditions and limitations.

The proceeds from the sale of the bonds authorized in RCW 43.99U.010 shall be deposited in the state building construction account created by RCW 43.83.020. If the state finance committee deems it necessary to issue taxable bonds in order to comply with federal internal revenue service rules and regulations pertaining to the use of nontaxable bond proceeds, the proceeds of such taxable bonds shall be transferred to the state taxable building construction account in lieu of any deposits otherwise provided by this section. The state treasurer shall submit written notice to the director of financial management if it is determined that any such transfer to the state taxable building construction account is necessary. Moneys in the account may be spent only after appropriation. These proceeds shall be used exclusively for the purposes specified in RCW 43.99U.010 and for the payment of expenses incurred in the issuance and sale of the bonds. These proceeds shall be administered by the office of financial management subject to legislative appropriation.
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