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Transfer of certain powers and duties.

It is the intent of this chapter to assign to the governor's office authority for developing and maintaining a state budgeting, accounting, and reporting system necessary for effective expenditure and revenue control among agencies.
To this end:
(1) All powers and duties and functions of the state auditor relating to the disbursement of public funds by warrant or check are hereby transferred to the state treasurer as the governor may direct but no later than ninety days after the start of the next fiscal biennium, and the state auditor shall deliver to the state treasurer all books, records, accounts, equipment, or other property relating to such function. In all cases where any question shall arise as to the proper custody of any such books, records, accounts, equipment or property, or pending business, the governor shall determine the question;
(2) In all cases where reports, notices, certifications, vouchers, disbursements and similar statements are now required to be given to any agency the duties and responsibilities of which are being assigned or reassigned by this chapter, the same shall be given to the agency or agencies in the manner provided for in this chapter.
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