Chapter 43.82 RCW



43.82.010Acquisition, lease, and disposal of real estate for state agenciesLong-range planningUse of lease as collateral or securityColocation and consolidationStudiesDelegation of functionsExemptions.
43.82.020Approval by capitol committee when real estate located in Thurston county.
43.82.030Acquisition of property and rights declared public useEminent domain.
43.82.035Predesign process for requests to lease, purchase, or build facilities for state programsApproval of plans for major leased facilities.
43.82.045Approval of leasesPrivately owned buildings being planned or under construction.
43.82.055Long-term facility needsSix-year facility planEfficient use of state facilities.
43.82.110Lease of spaceSurplus space.
43.82.120Enterprise services accountRental income.
43.82.125Authorized uses for enterprise services account.
43.82.130Powers and duties of director.
43.82.140Insurance on buildings.
43.82.150Inventory of state-owned or leased facilitiesReport.


Agricultural commodity commissions exempt: RCW 15.04.200.