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ManufacturersNotice of price increases.

(1) Beginning October 1, 2019, a manufacturer of a covered drug must notify the authority of a qualifying price increase in writing at least sixty days prior to the planned effective date of the increase. The notice must include:
(a) The date of the increase, the current wholesale acquisition cost of the prescription drug, and the dollar amount of the future increase in the wholesale acquisition cost of the prescription drug; and
(b) A statement regarding whether a change or improvement in the drug necessitates the price increase. If so, the manufacturer shall describe the change or improvement.
(2) For any drug approved under section 505(j) of the federal food, drug, and cosmetic act, as it existed on July 28, 2019, or a biosimilar approved under section 351(k) of the federal public health service act, as it existed on July 28, 2019, if notification is not possible sixty days before the price increase, that submission must be made as soon as known but not later than the date of the price increase.
(3) The information submitted pursuant to this section is not subject to public disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW.
(4) By December 1, 2020, the authority must provide recommendations on how to provide advance notice of price increases to purchasers consistent with state and federal law.
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