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Independent youth housing programSubcontractor organization performance review and report.

Beginning in 2007, the department must annually review and report on the performance of subcontractor organizations participating in the independent youth housing program, as well as the performance of the program as a whole.
(1) Reporting should be within the context of the state homeless housing strategic plan under RCW 43.185C.040 and any other relevant state or local homeless or affordable housing plans. The outcomes of the independent youth housing program must be included in the measurement of any performance measures described in chapter 43.185C RCW.
(2) The independent youth housing program report must include, at a minimum, an update on the following program performance measures, as well as any other performance measures the department may establish, for enrolled youth in consultation with the department of social and health services, to be measured statewide and by county:
(a) Increases in housing stability;
(b) Increases in economic self-sufficiency;
(c) Increases in independent living skills;
(d) Increases in education and job training attainment;
(e) Decreases in the use of all state-funded services over time;
(f) Decreases in the percentage of youth aging out of the state dependency system each year who are eligible for state assistance as reported to the department by the department of social and health services; and
(g) Recommendations to the legislature and to the interagency council on homelessness as described under RCW 43.185C.170 on program improvements and on departmental strategies that might assist the state to reach its goals of:
(i) Ensuring that all youth aging out of the state dependency system have access to a decent, appropriate, and affordable home in a healthy safe environment to prevent such youth from experiencing homelessness; and
(ii) Reducing each year the percentage of young people eligible for state assistance upon aging out of the state dependency system.


Finding2007 c 316: See note following RCW 43.63A.305.
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