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Arson investigation information systemFindingsIntent.

(1) The legislature finds that provisions for information systems relating to statistics and reporting for fire prevention, suppression, and damage control do not adequately address the needs of ongoing investigations of fire incidents where the cause is suspected or determined to be the result of negligence or otherwise suggestive of some criminal activity, particularly that of arson. It is the intent of the legislature to establish an information and reporting system designed specifically to assist state and local officers in conducting such investigations and, where substantiated, to undertake prosecution of individuals suspected of such activities.
(2)(a) In addition to the information provided by local officials about the cause, origin, and extent of loss in fires under *chapter 48.48 RCW, there is hereby created the state arson investigation information system in the Washington state patrol.
(b) The chief of the Washington state patrol shall develop the arson investigation information system in consultation with representatives of the various state and local officials charged with investigating fires resulting from suspicious or criminal activities under *chapter 48.48 RCW and of the insurance industry.
(c) The arson investigation information system shall be designed to include at least the following attributes: (i) The information gathered and reported shall meet the diverse needs of state and local investigating agencies; (ii) the forms and reports are drafted in understandable terms of common usage; and (iii) the results shall be adaptable to the varying levels of available resources, maintained in a manner to foster data sharing and mutual aid activities, and made available to other law enforcement agencies responsible for criminal investigations.
(d) All insurers required to report claim information under the provisions of chapter 48.50 RCW shall cooperate fully with any requests from the chief of the Washington state patrol in developing and maintaining the arson investigation information system. The confidentiality provisions of that chapter shall be fully enforced.


*Reviser's note: Chapter 48.48 RCW was recodified as chapter 43.44 RCW pursuant to 2006 c 25 § 13.
ApplicationEffective date1995 c 369: See notes following RCW 43.43.930.
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