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DNA identification systemPlanReport.

(1) To support criminal justice services in the local communities throughout this state, the state patrol in consultation with the University of Washington school of medicine shall develop a plan for and establish a DNA identification system. In implementing the plan, the state patrol shall purchase the appropriate equipment and supplies. The state patrol shall procure the most efficient equipment available.
(2) The DNA identification system as established shall be compatible with that utilized by the federal bureau of investigation.
(3) The state patrol and the University of Washington school of medicine shall report on the DNA identification system to the legislature no later than November 1, 1989. The report shall include a timeline for implementing each stage, a local agency financial participation analysis, a system analysis, a full cost/purchase analysis, a vendor bid evaluation, and a space location analysis that includes a site determination. The state patrol shall coordinate the preparation of this report with the office of financial management.


Funding limitations1989 c 350: "Any moneys received by the state from the federal bureau of justice assistance shall be used to conserve state funds if not inconsistent with the terms of the grant. To the extent that federal funds are available for the purposes of this act, state funds appropriated in this section shall lapse and revert to the general fund." [ 1989 c 350 § 8.]
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