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Use of force to obtain identification informationLiability.

In exercising their duties and authority under RCW 43.43.735 and 43.43.740, the sheriffs, directors of public safety, chiefs of police, and other chief law enforcement officers, may, consistent with constitutional and legal requirements, use such reasonable force as is necessary to compel an unwilling person to submit to being photographed, or fingerprinted, or to submit to any other identification procedure, except interrogation, which will result in obtaining physical evidence serving to identify such person. No one having the custody of any person subject to the identification procedures provided for in chapter 152, Laws of 1972 ex. sess., and no one acting in his or her aid or under his or her direction, and no one concerned in such publication as is provided for in RCW 43.43.740, shall incur any liability, civil or criminal, for anything lawfully done in the exercise of the provisions of chapter 152, Laws of 1972 ex. sess.
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