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Automatic fingerprint identification systemConditions for local establishment or operationRules.

(1) No local law enforcement agency may establish or operate an automatic fingerprint identification system unless both the hardware and software of the local system use an interface compatible with the state system under RCW 43.43.560. The local law enforcement agency shall be able to transmit a tenprint record to the state system through any available protocol which meets accepted industry standards, and the state system must be able to accept tenprint records which comply with those requirements. When industry transmission protocols change, the Washington state patrol shall incorporate these new standards as funding and reasonable system engineering practices permit. The tenprint transmission from any local law enforcement agency must be in accordance with the current version of the state electronic fingerprint transmission specification.
(2) No later than January 1, 2007, the Washington state patrol's automatic fingerprint identification system shall be capable of instantly accepting electronic latent search records from any Washington state local law enforcement agency. *If specific funding for the purposes of this subsection is not provided by June 30, 2006, in the omnibus appropriations act, or if funding is not obtained from another source by June 30, 2006, this subsection is null and void.
(3) A local law enforcement agency operating an automatic fingerprint identification system shall transmit data on fingerprint entries to the Washington state patrol electronically. This requirement shall be in addition to those under RCW 10.98.050 and 43.43.740.
(4) Any personnel functions necessary to prepare fingerprints for searches under this section shall be the responsibility of the submitting agency.
(5) The Washington state patrol shall adopt rules to implement this section.


*Reviser's note: Specific funding was not provided in chapter 518, Laws of 2005 (omnibus appropriations act).
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