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Project scopingFactors.

(1) Upon request of a project proponent, the office must determine the level of project scoping needed by the project proponent, taking into consideration the complexity of the project and the experience of those expected to be involved in the project application and review process. The director may require the attendance at a scoping meeting of any state or local agency.
(2) Project scoping must consider the complexity, size, and needs for assistance of the project and must address as appropriate:
(a) The permits that are required for the project;
(b) The permit application forms and other application requirements of the participating permit agencies;
(c) The specific information needs and issues of concern of each participant and their significance;
(d) Any statutory or regulatory conflicts that might arise from the differing authorities and roles of the permit agencies;
(e) Any natural resources, including federal or state listed species, that might be adversely affected by the project and might cause an alteration of the project or require mitigation; and
(f) The anticipated time required for permit decisions by each participating permit agency, including the estimated time required to determine if the permit application is complete, to conduct environmental review, and to review and process the application. In determining the estimated time required, full consideration must be given to achieving the greatest possible efficiencies through any concurrent studies and any consolidated applications, hearings, and comment periods.
(3) The outcome of the project scoping must be documented in writing, furnished to the project proponent, and be made available to the public.
(4) The project scoping must be completed prior to the passage of sixty days of the project proponent's request for a project scoping unless the director finds that better results can be obtained by delaying the project scoping meeting or meetings to ensure full participation.
(5) Upon completion of the project scoping, the participating permit agencies must proceed under their respective authorities. The agencies may remain in communication with the office as needed.
(6) This section does not create an independent cause of action, affect any existing cause of action, or establish time limits for purposes of RCW 64.40.020.
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