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Immunity from liability.

(1) An employee of the office of the developmental disabilities ombuds is not liable for good faith performance of responsibilities under this chapter.
(2) No discriminatory, disciplinary, or retaliatory action may be taken against an employee of the department, an employee of the department of commerce, an employee of a contracting agency of the department, a provider of developmental disabilities services, or a recipient of department services for any communication made, or information given or disclosed, to aid the office of the developmental disabilities ombuds in carrying out its responsibilities, unless the communication or information is made, given, or disclosed maliciously or without good faith. This subsection is not intended to infringe on the rights of the employer to supervise, discipline, or terminate an employee for other reasons.
(3) All communications by an ombuds, if reasonably related to the requirements of that individual's responsibilities under this chapter and done in good faith, are privileged and that privilege serves as a defense in any action in libel or slander.


Finding2016 c 172: See note following RCW 43.382.005.
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