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State agency coordinating structureBiennial reviewRecommendations.

(1) To ensure the database is meeting the needs of state agencies and other data users, the authority shall convene a state agency coordinating structure, consisting of state agencies with related data needs and the Washington health benefit exchange to ensure effectiveness of the database and the agencies' programs. The coordinating structure must collaborate in a private/public manner with the lead organization and other partners key to the broader success of the database. The coordinating structure shall advise the authority and lead organization on the development of any database policies and rules relevant to agency data needs.
(2) The office must participate as a key part of the coordinating structure and evaluate progress towards meeting the goals of the database, and, as necessary, recommend strategies for maintaining and promoting the progress of the database in meeting the intent of this section, and report its findings biennially to the governor and the legislature. The authority shall facilitate the office obtaining the information needed to complete the report in a manner that is efficient and not overly burdensome for the parties. The authority must provide the office with access to database processes, procedures, nonproprietary methodologies, and outcomes to conduct the review and issue the biennial report. The biennial review shall assess, at a minimum the following:
(a) The list of approved agency use case projects and related data requirements under RCW 43.371.050(4);
(b) Successful and unsuccessful data requests and outcomes related to agency and nonagency health researchers pursuant to RCW 43.371.050(4);
(c) Online data portal access and effectiveness related to research requests and data provider review and reconsideration;
(d) Adequacy of data security and policy consistent with the policy of the office of the chief information officer; and
(e) Timeliness, adequacy, and responsiveness of the database with regard to requests made under RCW 43.371.050(4) and for potential improvements in data sharing, data processing, and communication.
(3) To promote the goal of improving health outcomes through better cost and quality information, the authority, in consultation with the agency coordinating structure, the office, lead organization, and data vendor shall make recommendations to the Washington state performance measurement coordinating committee as necessary to improve the effectiveness of the state common measure set as adopted under RCW 70.320.030.


Effective date2019 c 319: See note following RCW 43.371.020.
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