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Child care facility fund committeeLoans or grants to individuals, businesses, or organizations.

The child care facility fund committee shall award loan guarantees, loans or grants to those persons, businesses, or organizations meeting the minimum standards set forth in this chapter who will best serve the intent of the chapter to increase the availability of high quality, affordable child care in Washington state. The committee shall promulgate rules regarding the application for and disbursement of loan guarantees, loans, or grants from the fund, including loan terms and repayment procedures. At a minimum, such rules shall require an applicant to submit a plan which includes a detailed description of:
(1) The need for a new or improved child care facility in the area served by the applicant;
(2) The steps the applicant will take to serve a reasonable number of children with disabilities, sick children, infants, children requiring nighttime or weekend care, or children whose costs of care are subsidized by government;
(3) Why financial assistance from the state is needed to start or improve the child care facility;
(4) How the guaranteed loan, loan, or grant will be used, and how such uses will meet the described need;
(5) The child care services to be available at the facility and the capacity of the applicant to provide those services; and
(6) The financial status of the applicant, including other resources available to the applicant which will ensure the continued viability of the facility and the availability of its described services.
Recipients shall annually for two years following the receipt of the loan guarantee, loan, or grant, submit to the child care facility fund committee a report on the facility and how it is meeting the child care needs for which it was intended.


Legislative findingsSeverability1989 c 430: See notes following RCW 43.31.502.
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