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The legislature recognizes the need to increase the services available to the victims of sexual assault. The legislature also recognizes that these services are most effectively planned and provided at the local level through the combined efforts of concerned community and citizens groups, treatment providers, and local government officials. The legislature further recognizes that adequate services for victims is not only a matter of justice for the victim, but also a method by which additional abuse can be prevented.
The legislature intends to enhance the community-based services available to the victims of sexual assault by:
(1) Providing consolidated funding support for local programs which provide services to victims of sexual assault, as defined in RCW 70.125.030;
(2) Providing technical assistance and support to help communities plan for and provide victim services;
(3) Providing sexual assault services with a victim-focused mission, and consistent standards, policies, and granting and reporting requirements; and
(4) Providing communities and local victim service providers with opportunities to share information about successful prevention and treatment programs.


Effective date1996 c 123: "This act shall take effect July 1, 1996." [ 1996 c 123 § 11.]
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