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Powers and dutiesPartnering with other entitiesEffect on employed workersUse of facilities, supplies, instruments, and tools of supervising agency.

(1) The department shall have the following powers and duties as necessary to administer the Washington conservation corps:
(a) Recruiting and employing staff, corps members, corps member leaders, and specialists consistent with RCW 43.220.070;
(b) Serving as the corps' central application recipient for grants from federal service projects and service organizations;
(c) Executing agreements for furnishing the services of the corps to carry out conservation corps programs to any federal, state, or local public agency, any local organization as specified in this chapter that operates consistent with the overall objectives of the conservation corps;
(d) Applying for and accepting grants or contributions of funds from the federal government, other public sources, or private funding sources for conservation corps projects and, when possible, other projects specifically targeted at Puget Sound recovery that can be accomplished with fee-for-service labor from the Puget Sound corps. Application priority must be given to funding sources only available to state agencies;
(e) Establishing consistent work standards and placement and evaluation procedures of corps programs; and
(f) Selecting, reviewing, approving, and evaluating the success of corps projects.
(2) The department may partner with any other state agencies, local institutions, nonprofit organizations, or nonprofit service corps organizations in the administration of the corps. However, when partnering with the Washington department of veterans affairs, participation criteria and other administrative decisions affecting participants in the veterans conservation corps created under chapter 43.60A RCW are to be determined by the Washington department of veterans affairs. Other state agencies may maintain a coordinator for the purposes of partnering with the department and the corps.
(3) If deemed practicable, the department shall work with the state board for community and technical colleges created in RCW 28B.50.050 to align the conservation corps program with optional career pathways for participants that may provide instruction in basic skills in addition to the appropriate technical training.
(4) The assignment of corps members shall not result in the displacement of currently employed workers, including partial displacement such as reduction in hours of nonovertime work, wages, or other employment benefits. Agencies that participate in the program may not terminate, lay-off, or reduce the working hours of any employee for the purpose of using a corps member with available funds. In circumstances where substantial efficiencies or a public purpose may result, participating agencies may use corps members to carry out essential agency work or contractual functions without displacing current employees.
(5) Facilities, supplies, motor vehicles, instruments, and tools of participating agencies shall be made available for use by the conservation corps to the extent that such use does not conflict with the normal duties of the agency. The agency may purchase, rent, or otherwise acquire other necessary tools, facilities, supplies, and instruments.


FindingsIntent2011 c 20: See note following RCW 43.220.020.
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