Chapter 43.220 RCW



HTMLPDF 43.220.020Conservation corps createdPuget Sound corps created.
HTMLPDF 43.220.040Definitions.
HTMLPDF 43.220.045Project goalsRecovery of Puget Sound ecosystemPriorities.
HTMLPDF 43.220.060Powers and dutiesPartnering with other entitiesEffect on employed workersUse of facilities, supplies, instruments, and tools of supervising agency.
HTMLPDF 43.220.070Corps membershipEligibilityCoordination of recruitment activitiesEnrollment period.
HTMLPDF 43.220.075Annual meetingForum for partner agenciesWork plan.
HTMLPDF 43.220.170Exemption from unemployment compensation coverage.
HTMLPDF 43.220.231Limitation on use of funds.
HTMLPDF 43.220.250Reimbursement of nonprofit corporations for certain services.
HTMLPDF 43.220.260Removal of noxious weedsPlanting of plants to provide forage for pollinators.
HTMLPDF 43.220.904Effective date1999 c 280.
HTMLPDF 43.220.905IntentApplication2011 c 20.