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Project goalsRecovery of Puget Sound ecosystemPriorities.

(1) The corps shall be organized and managed to complete projects with fee-for-service work crews that meet goals associated with the protection, promotion, enhancement, or rehabilitation of the following:
(a) Public lands;
(b) State natural resources;
(c) Water quality;
(d) Watershed health;
(e) Fish and wildlife;
(f) Habitat;
(g) Outdoor recreation;
(h) Forest health;
(i) Wildfire risk reduction; and
(j) State historic sites.
(2) In addition to the project goals outlined in subsection (1) of this section, the Puget Sound corps shall seek to deploy corps members with the specific goal of participating in the recovery of the Puget Sound ecosystem. The resources of the Puget Sound corps must be prioritized, when practicable, to focus on the following when located within the Puget Sound basin:
(a) Projects identified in, or consistent with, the action agenda developed by the Puget Sound partnership in chapter 90.71 RCW;
(b) Projects located on public lands;
(c) Habitat enhancement and rehabilitation projects; and
(d) Education and stewardship projects.
(3) Both the corps and the Puget Sound corps shall give preference to projects that satisfy the goals identified in this section and that:
(a) Will provide long-term benefits to the public;
(b) Will provide productive training and work experiences to the corps members involved;
(c) Expands or integrates training programs or career development opportunities for corps members;
(d) May result in payments to the state for services performed; and
(e) Can be promptly completed.


FindingsIntent2011 c 20: See note following RCW 43.220.020.
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