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Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesSelf-certification for recreational vehicles and park trailersProceduresPerformance audit of quality control programs.

The director or the director's authorized representative may allow qualifying recreational vehicle and/or park trailer manufacturers to be self-certified as to compliance with the American national standards institute A119.2 standard for recreational vehicles and the American national standards institute A119.5 standard for park trailers. Except as provided in subsection (4) of this section, a manufacturer approved for the department's self-certification is exempt from the requirements under RCW 43.22.434 and 43.22.360. The director shall adopt rules to implement the self-certification program. The director may establish fees at a sufficient level to cover the costs of administering this program.
(1) Before a manufacturer becomes self-certified, the department shall make an initial audit of the manufacturer making self-certification application. The audit must review and report on the following:
(a) The manufacturer's quality control program;
(b) The manufacturer's demonstrated ability to manufacture products in conformance with either or both of the American national standards institute standards A119.2 and A119.5; and
(c) The availability on-site of comprehensive plans for each model being manufactured.
(2) At the sole discretion of the director, a manufacturer currently being audited by the department that is deemed to meet the criteria for an initial self-certification audit may become a self-certified manufacturer without an additional self-certification audit.
(3) If the department denies an application to allow a manufacturer to be self-certified, the manufacturer shall be notified in writing including the reasons for denial. A copy of the initial self-certification audit shall be provided to the manufacturer. A manufacturer who is denied self-certification may appeal the denial under chapter 34.05 RCW.
(4) If the department has reason to believe that the manufacturer is no longer meeting the criteria established in subsection (1) of this section, the department may make an audit of the manufacturer. For purposes of enforcement of this subsection, the department retains inspection and investigation authority under RCW 43.22.434. At the conclusion of this audit, the director or the director's authorized representative may continue the manufacturer's self-certification or require the manufacturer to meet all of the requirements of this chapter from which the manufacturer was once exempted.
(5) The manufacturer to whom the authorization is given shall pay all of the costs of the initial self-certification audit and any subsequent audit that the department has the authority to perform.
(6) The department shall conduct a performance audit of additional industry association quality control programs utilized by self-certified manufacturers at least once every two years.
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