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Costs of processing proposalsFeesVoluntary contributions.

(1) Agencies authorized to enter into environmental excellence program agreements may assess and collect a fee to recover the costs of processing environmental excellence program agreement proposals. The amount of the fee may not exceed the direct and indirect costs of processing the environmental excellence program agreement proposal. Processing includes, but is not limited to: Working with the sponsor to develop the agreement, meeting with stakeholder groups, conducting public meetings and hearings, preparing a record of the decision to enter into or modify an agreement, and defending any appeal from a decision to enter into or modify an agreement. Fees also may include, to the extent specified by the agreement, the agencies' direct costs of monitoring compliance with those specific terms of an agreement not covered by permits issued to the participating facility.
(2) Agencies assessing fees may graduate the initial fees for processing an environmental excellence program agreement proposal to account for the size of the sponsor and to make the environmental excellence program agreement program more available to small businesses. An agency may exercise its discretion to waive all or any part of the fees.
(3) Sponsors may voluntarily contribute funds to the administration of an agency's environmental excellence program agreement program.
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