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Residential habilitation centersCosts of servicesReimbursement from property subsequently acquiredPlacement outside schoolLiability after death of resident.

The provisions of RCW 43.20B.410 through 43.20B.455 shall not be construed to prohibit or prevent the department of social and health services from obtaining reimbursement from any person liable under RCW 43.20B.410 through 43.20B.455 for payment of the full amount of the accrued per capita cost from any property acquired by gift, devise or bequest subsequent to and regardless of the initial findings of responsibility under RCW 43.20B.430: PROVIDED, That the estate of any resident of a residential habilitation center shall not be liable for such reimbursement subsequent to termination of services for that resident at the residential habilitation center: PROVIDED FURTHER, That upon the death of any person while a resident in a residential habilitation center, the person's estate shall become liable to the same extent as the resident's liability on the date of death.


Effective date1967 c 141: See note following RCW 43.20B.410.
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