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Database of products and vendors.

(1) The department shall develop a database of available products with recycled-content products, and vendors supplying such products. The database shall incorporate information regarding product consistency with the content standards adopted under RCW 43.19A.020. The database shall incorporate information developed through state and local government procurement of recycled-content products.
(2) By December 1, 1992, the department shall report to the appropriate standing committees of the legislature on the cost of making the database accessible to all state and local governments and to the private sector.
(3) The department shall compile information on purchases made by the department or pursuant to the department's purchasing authority, and information provided by local governments, regarding:
(a) The percentage of recycled content and, if known, the amount of postconsumer waste in the products purchased;
(b) Price;
(c) Agency experience with the performance of recycled products and the supplier under the terms of the purchase; and
(d) Any other information deemed appropriate by the department.
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