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It is the purpose of this chapter to:
(1) Substantially increase the procurement of recycled content products by all local and state governmental agencies and public schools, and provide a model to encourage a comparable commitment by Washington state citizens and businesses in their purchasing practices;
(2) Target government procurement policies and goals toward those recycled products for which there are significant market development needs or that may substantially contribute to solutions to the state's waste management problem;
(3) Provide standards for recycled products for use in procurement programs by all governmental agencies;
(4) Provide the authority for all governmental agencies to adopt preferential purchasing policies for recycled products;
(5) Direct state agencies to develop strategies to increase recycled product purchases, and to provide specific goals for procurement of recycled paper products and organic recovered materials; and
(6) Provide guidance and direction for local governments and other public agencies to develop plans for increasing the procurement of recycled content products.
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