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Interagency council on homelessnessDutiesReports.

(1) The interagency council on homelessness, as defined in RCW 43.185C.010, shall be convened not later than August 31, 2006, and shall meet at least two times each year and report to the appropriate committees of the legislature annually by December 31st on its activities.
(2) The interagency council on homelessness shall work to create greater levels of interagency coordination and to coordinate state agency efforts with the efforts of state and local entities addressing homelessness.
(3) The interagency council shall seek to:
(a) Align homeless-related housing and supportive service policies among state agencies;
(b) Identify ways in which providing housing with appropriate services can contribute to cost savings for state agencies;
(c) Identify policies and actions that may contribute to homelessness or interfere with its reduction;
(d) Review and improve strategies for discharge from state institutions that contribute to homelessness;
(e) Recommend policies to either improve practices or align resources, or both, including those policies requested by the affordable housing advisory board or through state and local housing plans; and
(f) Ensure that the housing status of people served by state programs is collected in consistent formats available for analysis.


Finding2006 c 349: See note following RCW 43.185C.010.
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