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Commission powers.

The commission has the following powers with respect to nonprofit facilities together with all powers incidental thereto or necessary for the performance thereof:
(1) To make secured loans to nonprofit corporations for the purpose of providing temporary or permanent financing or refinancing of all or part of the project cost of any nonprofit facility, including the refunding of any outstanding obligations, mortgages, or advances issued, made, or given by any person for the project costs of a nonprofit corporation; and to charge and collect interest on the loans for the loan payments upon such terms and conditions as its commissioners consider advisable which are not in conflict with this subchapter;
(2) To issue revenue bonds for the purpose of financing all or part of the project cost of any nonprofit facility and to secure the payment of the revenue bonds as provided in this subchapter;
(3) To collect fees or charges from users or prospective users of nonprofit facilities to recover actual or anticipated administrative costs;
(4) To execute financing documents incidental to the powers enumerated in this section;
(5) To accept grants and gifts;
(6) To establish such special funds with any financial institution providing fiduciary services within or without the state as it deems necessary and appropriate and invest money therein.
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