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Cashing checks, drafts, and state warrantsDiscretionaryConditionsProcedure upon dishonor.

The state treasurer is hereby authorized, in the treasurer's discretion and as a service to state officers and employees, and to those known by the treasurer or the treasurer's staff, to accept in exchange for cash the checks, drafts, or Washington state warrants drawn or endorsed by these authorized persons and presented to the treasurer's office as meet each of the following conditions:
(1) The check or draft must be drawn to the order of cash or bearer and be immediately payable by a drawee financial institution; and
(2) The person presenting the check, draft, or Washington state warrant to the treasurer must produce such identification as the treasurer may require.
In the event that any check or draft cashed for a state officer or employee by the state treasurer under this section is dishonored by the drawee financial institution when presented for payment, the treasurer is authorized, after notice to the drawer or endorser of the dishonor, to withhold from the drawer's or endorser's next state salary warrant the full amount of the dishonored check or draft.
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