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General duties.

The state treasurer shall:
(1) Receive and keep all moneys of the state in the manner provided in RCW 43.88.160, as now or hereafter amended;
(2) Disburse the public moneys only upon warrants or checks drawn upon the treasurer in the manner provided by law;
(3) Account for moneys in the manner provided by law;
(4) Render accounts in the manner provided by law;
(5) Indorse on each warrant when required by law, the date of payment, the amount of the principal, and the interest due on that date;
(6) Report annually to the legislature a detailed statement of the condition of the treasury, and of its operations for the preceding fiscal year;
(7) Give information, in writing, to either house of the legislature, whenever required, upon any subject connected with the treasury, or touching any duty of his or her office;
(8) Account for and pay over all moneys on hand to his or her successor in office, and deliver all books, vouchers, and effects of office to him or her, who shall receipt therefor;
(9) Upon payment of any warrant, or check, take upon the back thereof the indorsement of the person to whom it is paid.


Budget and accounting system, powers and duties: RCW 43.88.160.
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