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Performance audit.

The office of financial management shall contract for a performance audit of the state employee whistleblower program on a cycle to be determined by the office of financial management. The audit shall be done in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards beginning with the fiscal year ending June 30, 2001. The audit shall determine at a minimum: Whether the program is acquiring, protecting, and using its resources such as personnel, property, and space economically and efficiently; the causes of inefficiencies or uneconomical practices; and whether the program has complied with laws and rules on matters of economy and efficiency. The audit shall also at a minimum determine the extent to which the desired results or benefits established by the legislature are being achieved, the effectiveness of the program, and whether the auditor has complied with significant laws and rules applicable to the program.
The cost of the audit is a cost of operating the program and shall be funded by the auditing services revolving account created by RCW 43.09.410.
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