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Candidates for judicial officeSpecial elections to fill vacanciesContribution limitsAdjustments.

*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 5857-S.SL) ***
(1) No person may make contributions to a candidate for judicial office that in the aggregate exceed *one thousand six hundred dollars for each election in which the candidate is on the ballot or appears as a write-in candidate. Contributions made with respect to a primary may not be made after the date of the primary. However, contributions to a candidate or a candidate's authorized committee may be made with respect to a primary until thirty days after the primary, subject to the following limitations: (a) The candidate lost the primary; (b) the candidate's authorized committee has insufficient funds to pay debts outstanding as of the date of the primary; and (c) the contributions may only be raised and spent to satisfy the outstanding debt. Contributions made with respect to a general election may not be made after the final day of the applicable election cycle.
(2) This section through RCW 42.17A.490 apply to a special election conducted to fill a vacancy in an office. However, the contributions made to a candidate or received by a candidate for a primary or special election conducted to fill such a vacancy will not be counted toward any of the limitations that apply to the candidate or to contributions made to the candidate for any other primary or election.
(3) No person may accept contributions that exceed the contribution limitations provided in this section.
(4) The dollar limits in this section must be adjusted according to RCW 42.17A.125.


*Reviser's note: The dollar amounts in this section may have been adjusted for inflation by rule of the commission adopted under the authority of RCW 42.17A.125. For current dollar amounts, see WAC 390-05-400.
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