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Unfair labor practices for employer, employee organization, enumerated.

(1) It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employer:
(a) To interfere with, restrain, or coerce employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in RCW 41.59.060;
(b) To dominate or interfere with the formation or administration of any employee organization or contribute financial or other support to it: PROVIDED, That subject to rules and regulations made by the commission pursuant to RCW 41.59.110, an employer shall not be prohibited from permitting employees to confer with it or its representatives or agents during working hours without loss of time or pay;
(c) To encourage or discourage membership in any employee organization by discrimination in regard to hire, tenure of employment or any term or condition of employment, but nothing contained in this subsection shall prevent an employer from requiring, as a condition of continued employment, payment of periodic dues and fees uniformly required to an exclusive bargaining representative pursuant to *RCW 41.59.100;
(d) To discharge or otherwise discriminate against an employee because he or she has filed charges or given testimony under **this chapter;
(e) To refuse to bargain collectively with the representatives of its employees.
(2) It shall be an unfair labor practice for an employee organization:
(a) To restrain or coerce (i) employees in the exercise of the rights guaranteed in RCW 41.59.060: PROVIDED, That this paragraph shall not impair the right of an employee organization to prescribe its own rules with respect to the acquisition or retention of membership therein; or (ii) an employer in the selection of his or her representatives for the purposes of collective bargaining or the adjustment of grievances;
(b) To cause or attempt to cause an employer to discriminate against an employee in violation of subsection (1)(c) of this section;
(c) To refuse to bargain collectively with an employer, provided it is the representative of its employees subject to RCW 41.59.090.
(3) The expressing of any views, argument, or opinion, or the dissemination thereof to the public, whether in written, printed, graphic, or visual form, shall not constitute or be evidence of an unfair labor practice under any of the provisions of **this chapter, if such expression contains no threat of reprisal or force or promise of benefit.


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 41.59.100 was repealed by 2019 c 230 § 25.
**(2) Session law [1975 1st ex.s. c 288 § 15] language here reads "this act" or "this 1975 act"; for codification of 1975 1st ex.s. c 288, see Codification Tables.
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