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Uniformed personnelApplication of chapter to Washington state patrolBargaining subjects.

(1) In addition to the entities listed in RCW 41.56.020, this chapter applies to the state with respect to the officers of the Washington state patrol appointed under RCW 43.43.020, except that the state is prohibited from negotiating any matters relating to retirement benefits or health care benefits or other employee insurance benefits.
(2) For the purposes of negotiating wages, wage-related matters, and nonwage matters, the state shall be represented by the governor or the governor's designee who is appointed under chapter 41.80 RCW, and costs of the negotiations under this section shall be reimbursed as provided in RCW 41.80.140.
(3) The governor or the governor's designee shall consult with the chief of the Washington state patrol regarding collective bargaining.
(4) The negotiation of provisions pertaining to wages and wage-related matters in a collective bargaining agreement between the state and the Washington state patrol officers is subject to the following:
(a) The state's bargaining representative must periodically consult with a subcommittee of the joint committee on employment relations created in *RCW 41.80.010(5) which shall consist of the four members appointed to the joint committee with leadership positions in the senate and the house of representatives, and the chairs and ranking minority members of the senate transportation committee and the house transportation committee, or their successor committees. The subcommittee must be consulted regarding the appropriations necessary to implement these provisions in a collective bargaining agreement and, on completion of negotiations, must be advised on the elements of these provisions.
(b) Provisions that are entered into before the legislature approves the funds necessary to implement the provisions must be conditioned upon the legislature's subsequent approval of the funds.
(5) The governor shall submit a request for funds necessary to implement the wage and wage-related matters in the collective bargaining agreement or for legislation necessary to implement the agreement. Requests for funds necessary to implement the provisions of bargaining agreements may not be submitted to the legislature by the governor unless such requests:
(a) Have been submitted to the director of financial management by October 1st before the legislative session at which the requests are to be considered; and
(b) Have been certified by the director of financial management as being feasible financially for the state or reflects the decision of an arbitration panel reached under RCW 41.56.475.


*Reviser's note: RCW 41.80.010 was amended by 2017 3rd sp.s. c 23 § 3, deleting subsection (5).
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