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ArbitratorsSelectionAdditional method.

*** CHANGE IN 2021 *** (SEE 5055-S.SL) ***
In addition to any other method for selecting arbitrators, the parties may request the public employment relations commission to, and the commission shall, appoint a qualified person who may be an employee of the commission to act as an arbitrator to assist in the resolution of a labor dispute between such public employer and such bargaining representative arising from the application of the matters contained in a collective bargaining agreement. The arbitrator shall conduct such arbitration of such dispute in a manner as provided for in the collective bargaining agreement: PROVIDED, That the commission shall not collect any fees or charges from such public employer or such bargaining representative for services performed by the commission under the provisions of this chapter: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the provisions of chapter 49.08 RCW shall have no application to this chapter.
[1975 1st ex.s. 296 § 23; 1973 c 59 § 3.]
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