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Mandatory assignment of retirement benefitsProceeding to enforce spousal maintenanceVenueJurisdiction.

(1) A proceeding to enforce a duty of spousal maintenance through a mandatory benefits assignment order may be commenced by an obligee:
(a) By filing a petition for an original action; or
(b) By motion in an existing action or under an existing cause number.
(2) Venue for the action is in the superior court of the county of the state of Washington where the obligee resides or is present, where the obligor resides, or where the prior dissolution order was entered.
(3) The court retains continuing jurisdiction under RCW 41.50.500 through 41.50.650 and 26.09.138 until the obligor has satisfied all duties of spousal maintenance, including arrearages, to the obligee.


Severability1991 c 365: See note following RCW 41.50.500.
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