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Pension funding work group.

(1) A pension funding work group is hereby created. The work group shall consist of one staff member selected by the executive head or chairperson of each of the following agencies or committees:
(a) Department of retirement systems;
(b) Office of financial management;
(c) State investment board;
(d) Ways and means committee of the senate;
(e) Appropriations committee of the house of representatives; and
(f) Economic and revenue forecast council.
(2) The state actuary shall make available to the work group information related to economic assumptions and contribution rates.
(3) The pension funding work group shall provide support to the pension funding council. Meetings of the pension funding work group may be called by any member of the group for the purpose of assisting the pension funding council, reviewing actuarial valuations of the state retirement systems, reviewing economic assumptions, or for any other purpose which may assist the pension funding council.
(4) Recommendations from both affected employee and employer groups will be actively sought during the work group process. The work group shall conduct an open public meeting on these recommendations.
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