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Allowance on retirement for nonduty disabilityElection.

An individual who was a member on February 25, 1972, may upon qualifying pursuant to RCW 41.40.230, make an irrevocable election to receive the nonduty disability retirement allowance provided in subsections (1) and (2) of this section subject to the provisions of RCW 41.40.310 and 41.40.320. Upon attaining or becoming disabled after age sixty the member shall receive a service retirement allowance as provided for in RCW 41.40.190 except that the annuity portion thereof shall consist of a continuation of the cash refund annuity previously provided to him or her. The disability retirement allowance prior to age sixty shall consist of:
(1) A cash refund annuity which shall be the actuarial equivalent of the member's accumulated contributions at the time of his or her retirement; and
(2) A pension, in addition to the annuity, equal to one one-hundredth of the member's average final compensation for each year of service. If the recipient of a retirement allowance under this section dies before the total of the annuity portions of the retirement allowance paid to him or her equals the amount of his or her accumulated contributions at the date of retirement, then the balance shall be paid to the member's estate, or the person or persons, trust, or organization as he or she shall have nominated by written designation duly executed and filed with the department, or if there is no designated person or persons, still living at the time of his or her death, then to his or her surviving spouse, or if there is no designated person or persons still living at the time of his or her death nor a surviving spouse, then to his or her legal representatives.


Intent1991 c 35: See note following RCW 41.26.005.
Severability1969 c 128: See note following RCW 41.40.010.
Nonduty disability retirement allowance1972 act: See RCW 41.40.235.
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