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Payments on discontinuance of serviceReemploymentRedeposit.

(1) Should the service of a member be discontinued, except by death or retirement, he or she shall be paid not later than six months after the day of discontinuance such part of his or her accumulated contributions as he or she shall demand: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That a member may appeal to the board and by unanimous vote, the board may grant a request for immediate withdrawal of contributions. If in the opinion of the board said member is permanently separated from service by reason of such discontinuance he or she shall be paid forthwith all of his or her accumulated contributions with interest: AND PROVIDED ALSO, That the board may, in its discretion, withhold for not more than one year after a member last rendered service all or part of his or her accumulated normal contributions if after a previous discontinuance of service he or she withdrew all or part of his or her accumulated normal contributions and failed to redeposit such withdrawn amount in the retirement fund as provided in this section: PROVIDED FURTHER, That the city shall receive credit for the full amount deposited by the city in the retirement fund for such member's benefit plus interest. Any member may redeposit in the retirement fund an amount equal to that which he or she previously withdrew therefrom at the last termination of his or her membership, such redeposit to be paid into the retirement fund in accordance with rules established by the board. If a member upon reentering the retirement system after a termination of his or her membership shall not make such a redeposit as hereinabove provided, the rate of his or her contributions for future years shall be the normal rate provided for in RCW 41.28.040(1) at his or her age of reentrance; otherwise his or her rate of contribution for future years shall be the same as his or her rate prior to the termination of his or her membership. In the event such redeposit is made by a member, an amount equal to the accumulated normal contributions so redeposited shall again be held for the benefit of said member, and shall no longer be included in the amounts available to meet the obligations of the city on account of benefits that have been granted or liabilities that have been assumed on account of prior service of members, and the city shall reinstate the prior service credit for such member.
[ 2012 c 117 § 48; 1939 c 207 § 12; RRS § 9592-112.]
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