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Board of trusteesPowersMeeting proceduresQuorumJudicial reviewBudget.

(1) The board of trustees have the following powers and duties and shall:
(a) Adopt actuarial tables, assumptions, and cost methodologies in consultation with an enrolled actuary retained by the board. The state actuary shall provide assistance when the board requests. The actuary retained by the board shall utilize the aggregate actuarial cost method, or other recognized actuarial cost method based on a level percentage of payroll, as that term is employed by the American academy of actuaries. The actuary retained by the board shall adjust the actuarial cost method to recognize the actuarial present value of future revenue that will be included in the calculation of the market value of assets pursuant to RCW 41.26.805(2), using the methods and assumptions employed by the state actuary in RCW 41.26.805(9). In determining the reasonableness of actuarial valuations, assumptions, and cost methodologies, the actuary retained by the board shall provide a copy of all such calculations to the state actuary. If the two actuaries concur on the calculations, contributions shall be made as set forth in the report of the board's actuary. If the two actuaries cannot agree, they shall appoint a third, independent, enrolled actuary who shall review the calculations of the actuary retained by the board and the state actuary. Thereafter, contributions shall be based on the methodology most closely following that of the third actuary;
(b)(i) Provide for the design and implementation of increased benefits for members and beneficiaries of the plan, subject to the contribution limitations under RCW 41.26.725. An increased benefit may not be approved by the board until an actuarial cost of the benefit has been determined by the actuary and contribution rates adjusted as may be required to maintain the plan on a sound actuarial basis. Increased benefits as approved by the board shall be presented to the legislature on January 1st of each year. The increased benefits as approved by the board shall become effective within ninety days unless a bill is enacted in the next ensuing session of the legislature, by majority vote of each house of the legislature, repealing the action of the board;
(ii) As an alternative to the procedure in (b)(i) of this subsection, recommend to the legislature changes in the benefits for members and beneficiaries, without regard to the cost limitations in RCW 41.26.725(3). Benefits adopted in this manner shall have the same contractual protections as the minimum benefits in the plan. The recommendations of the board shall be presented to the legislature on January 1st of each year. These measures shall take precedence over all other measures in the legislature, except appropriations bills, and shall be either enacted or rejected without change or amendment by the legislature before the end of such regular session;
(c) Retain professional and technical advisors necessary for the accomplishment of its duties. The cost of these services may be withdrawn from the trust;
(d) Consult with the department for the purpose of improving benefit administration and member services;
(e) Provide an annual report to the governor and the legislature setting forth the actuarial funding status of the plan and making recommendations for improvements in those aspects of retirement administration directed by the legislature or administered by the department;
(f) Establish uniform administrative rules and operating policies in the manner prescribed by law;
(g) Engage administrative staff and acquire office space independent of, or in conjunction with, the department. The department shall provide funding from its budget for these purposes;
(h) Publish on an annual basis a schedule of increased benefits together with a summary of the minimum benefits as established by the legislature which shall constitute the official plan document; and
(i) Be the fiduciary of the plan and discharge the board's duties solely in the interest of the members and beneficiaries of the plan.
(2) Meetings of the board of trustees shall be conducted as follows:
(a) All board meetings are open to the public, preceded by timely public notice;
(b) All actions of the board shall be taken in open public session, except for those matters which may be considered in executive session as provided by law;
(c) The board shall retain minutes of each meeting setting forth the names of those board members present and absent, and their voting record on any voted issue; and
(d) The board may establish, with the assistance of the appropriate office of state government, an internet website providing for interactive communication with state government, members and beneficiaries of the plan, and the public.
(3) A quorum of the board is six board members. All board actions require six concurring votes.
(4) The decisions of the board shall be made in good faith and are final, binding, and conclusive on all parties. The decisions of the board shall be subject to judicial review as provided by law.
(5) A law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system plan 2 expense fund is established for the purpose of defraying the expenses of the board. The board shall cause an annual budget to be prepared consistent with the requirements of chapter 43.88 RCW and shall draw the funding for the budget from the investment income of the trust. Board members shall be reimbursed for travel and education expenses as provided in RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060. The board shall make an annual report to the governor, legislature, and state auditor setting forth a summary of the costs and expenditures of the plan for the preceding year. The board shall also retain the services of an independent, certified public accountant who shall annually audit the expenses of the fund and whose report shall be included in the board's annual report.
[ 2008 c 99 § 5; 2003 c 2 § 5 (Initiative Measure No. 790, approved November 5, 2002).]


FindingsPurpose2008 c 99: See note following RCW 41.26.802.
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