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Reexaminations of disability beneficiariesReentryAppeal.

(1) Upon the basis of reexaminations of members on disability retirement as provided in RCW 41.26.130, the disability board shall determine whether such disability beneficiary is still unable to perform his or her duties either physically or mentally for service in the department where he or she was employed.
(2) If the disability board shall determine that the beneficiary is not so incapacitated the retirement allowance shall be canceled and the member shall be restored to duty in the same civil service rank, if any, held by the beneficiary at the time of his or her retirement or if unable to perform the duties of said rank, then, at his or her request, in such other like or lesser rank as may be or become open and available, the duties of which he or she is then able to perform. In no event, shall a beneficiary previously drawing a disability allowance be returned or be restored to duty at a salary or rate of pay less than the current salary attached to the rank or position held by the said beneficiary at the date of retirement for disability. If the disability board determines that the beneficiary is able to return to service he or she shall be entitled to notice and a hearing, both the notice and the hearing shall comply with the requirements of chapter 34.05 RCW, as now or hereafter amended.
(3) Should a disability beneficiary reenter service and be eligible for membership in the retirement system, the retirement allowance shall be canceled and he or she shall immediately become a member of the retirement system.
(4) Should any disability beneficiary under age fifty refuse to submit to examination, the retirement allowance shall be discontinued until withdrawal of such refusal, and should such refusal continue for one year or more, the retirement allowance shall be canceled.
(5) Should the disability retirement allowance of any disability beneficiary be canceled for any cause other than reentrance into service or retirement for service, he or she shall be paid the excess, if any, of the accumulated contributions at the time of retirement over all payments made on his or her behalf under this chapter.
(6) Any person feeling aggrieved by an order of a disability board determining that a beneficiary's disability has not ceased, pursuant to RCW 41.26.130(3) has the right to appeal the order or determination to the director. The director shall have no jurisdiction to entertain the appeal unless a notice of appeal is filed with the director within thirty days following the rendition of the order by the disability board. A copy of the notice of appeal shall be served upon the director and the applicable disability board and, within ninety days thereof, the disability board shall certify its decision and order which shall include findings of fact and conclusions of law, together with a transcript of all proceedings in connection therewith, to the director for review. Upon review of the record, the director may affirm the order of the disability board or may remand the case for further proceedings if the director finds that the disability board's findings, inferences, conclusions, or decisions are:
(a) In violation of constitutional provisions; or
(b) In excess of the statutory authority or jurisdiction of the disability board; or
(c) Made upon unlawful procedure; or
(d) Affected by other error of law; or
(e) Clearly erroneous in view of the entire record as submitted and the public policy contained in this chapter; or
(f) Arbitrary or capricious.


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