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Lump sum payment on death before or after retirement.

Whenever any member of the police department of such city shall, after five years of service in said department, die, his or her surviving spouse or, if there is no surviving spouse, the child or children under the age of eighteen years, or if there is no surviving spouse or child or children, then his or her parents or unmarried sister or sisters, minor brother or brothers, dependent upon him or her for support, shall be entitled to the sum of one thousand dollars from such fund. This section to apply to members who shall have been retired, for any reason, from active service under the provisions of this chapter.


Construction1937 c 24: "Nothing contained in this act shall affect or be construed as affecting the validity of any act done, obligation entered into, or rights accrued, or any proceedings had or pending under the act of which this act is amendatory." [ 1937 c 24 § 6; RRS § 9592-1.]
Severability1937 c 24: "If any section or part of this act shall be held to be unconstitutional and void, such holding shall not effect [affect] the remaining portions of the act." [ 1937 c 24 § 7; RRS § 9592-2.]
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