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Powers and duties of board.

The board, in addition to such general and special powers as are vested in it by the provisions of chapter 41.16 RCW, which powers the board shall have with respect to this chapter shall have power to:
(1) Generally supervise and control the administration of this chapter;
(2) Pass upon and allow or disallow applications for pensions or other benefits provided by this chapter;
(3) Provide for payment from the firefighters' pension fund of necessary expenses of maintenance and administration required by the provisions of this chapter;
(4) Make rules and regulations not inconsistent with this chapter for the purpose of carrying out and effecting the same;
(5) Require the physicians appointed under the provisions of chapter 41.16 RCW, to examine and report to the board upon all applications for relief and pensions under this chapter; and
(6) Perform such acts, receive such compensation and enjoy such immunity as provided in RCW 41.16.040.


IntentFinding2007 c 218: See note following RCW 1.08.130.
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