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Waiting periodDisability retirement.

No firefighter disabled in the performance of duty shall receive a pension until six months has elapsed after such disability was sustained. Therefore, whenever the retirement board, pursuant to examination by the board's physician and such other evidence as it may require, shall find a firefighter has been disabled while in the performance of his or her duties, it shall declare him or her inactive. For a period of six months from the time he or she became disabled, he or she shall continue to draw full pay from his or her municipality and in addition thereto he or she shall, at the expense of the municipality, be provided with such medical, hospital and nursing care as the retirement board deems proper. If the board finds at the expiration of six months that the firefighter is unable to return to and perform his or her duties, then he or she shall be retired as herein provided.
[ 2007 c 218 § 35; 1959 c 5 § 13; 1957 c 82 § 13. Prior: 1947 c 91 § 8, part; 1935 c 39 § 4, part; 1929 c 86 § 5, part; 1919 c 196 § 7, part; 1909 c 50 § 7, part; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 9578-47, part.]


IntentFinding2007 c 218: See note following RCW 41.08.020.
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