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Procedure for payment of compensationRefusal to pay.

No treasurer, auditor or other officer, or employee of any county subject to this chapter shall approve the payment of or be in any manner concerned in paying, auditing, or approving any salary, wage, or other compensation for services, to any person subject to the jurisdiction and scope of this chapter, unless a payroll, estimate, or account for such salary, wage, or other compensation, containing the names of the persons to be paid, the amount to be paid to each such person, the services on account of which same is paid, and any other information which, in the judgment of the civil service commission, should be furnished on such payroll, bears the certificate of the civil service commission, or of its chief examiner or other duly authorized agent, that the persons named therein have been appointed or employed in compliance with the terms of this chapter and the rules of the commission, and that the payroll, estimate, or account is, insofar as known to the commission, a true and accurate statement. The commission shall refuse to certify the pay of any public officer or employee whom it finds to be illegally or improperly appointed, and may further refuse to certify the pay of any public officer or employee who wilfully or through culpable negligence, violates or fails to comply with this chapter or with the rules of the commission.
[ 1959 c 1 § 15 (Initiative Measure No. 23, approved November 4, 1958).]
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