Chapter 41.05A RCW



HTMLPDF 41.05A.005PurposeCollaboration with other agenciesConstruction.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.030Fees for servicesReimbursement collection.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.040Time limit for collection of overpayments or other debtsWrite-offs of debts.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.050Form of lien.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.060Authorization to discharge or compromise lien.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.070Filing of lien.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.080Attorney representing recipientDuties.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.090Recovery for assistance by authorityFederal lawForeclosureRecipient's death.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.100Lien against real and personal propertyLien priorityRecovery by deduction or withholding of paymentsCivil action.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.110Notice of overpayment of assistance.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.120Order to withhold and deliver.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.130Liability for failure to answer or comply with order to withhold and deliver or other violation.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.140Employer required to honor assignment of earnings.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.150Improper real property transfers.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.160Lien against real property.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.170Overpayment to vendor.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.180Lien against real property of vendor or other form of security.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.190Time periods for liens against vendors.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.200Time limit for action to enforce vendor overpayment debt.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.210Remedies against vendors nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.220Interest on overpayments to vendors.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.230Recovery of temporary total disability compensation.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.240Recovery of temporary total disability compensationService of lien and notice to withhold and deliver.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.250Duties of director of labor and industries.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.260Temporary total disability compensation recipientsAdjudicative proceeding.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.270ApplicationBenefits under Title 51 RCW.
HTMLPDF 41.05A.280Recording of notice of transfer or encumbrance of real property.