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Health informationSecure accessLead organizationDirector's duties.

(1) By August 1, 2009, the director shall designate one or more lead organizations to coordinate development of processes, guidelines, and standards to:
(a) Improve patient access to and control of their own health care information and thereby enable their active participation in their own care; and
(b) Implement methods for the secure exchange of clinical data as a means to promote:
(i) Continuity of care;
(ii) Quality of care;
(iii) Patient safety; and
(iv) Efficiency in medical practices.
(2) The lead organization designated by the director under this section shall:
(a) Be representative of health care privacy advocates, providers, and payors across the state;
(b) Have expertise and knowledge in the major disciplines related to the secure exchange of health data;
(c) Be able to support the costs of its work without recourse to state funding. The director and the lead organization are authorized and encouraged to seek federal funds, including funds from the federal American recovery and reinvestment act, as well as solicit, receive, contract for, collect, and hold grants, donations, and gifts to support the implementation of this section and RCW 41.05.042;
(d) In collaboration with the director, identify and convene work groups, as needed, to accomplish the goals of this section and RCW 41.05.042;
(e) Conduct outreach and communication efforts to maximize the adoption of the guidelines, standards, and processes developed by the lead organization;
(f) Submit regular updates to the director on the progress implementing the requirements of this section and RCW 41.05.042; and
(g) With the director, report to the legislature December 1, 2009, and on December 1st of each year through December 1, 2012, on progress made, the time necessary for completing tasks, and identification of future tasks that should be prioritized for the next improvement cycle.
(3) Within available funds as specified in subsection (2)(c) of this section, the director shall:
(a) Participate in and review the work and progress of the lead organization, including the establishment and operation of work groups for this section and RCW 41.05.042; and
(b) Consult with the office of the attorney general to determine whether:
(i) An antitrust safe harbor is necessary to enable licensed carriers and providers to develop common rules and standards; and, if necessary, take steps, such as implementing rules or requesting legislation, to establish a safe harbor; and
(ii) Legislation is needed to limit provider liability if their health records are missing health information despite their participation in the exchange of health information.
(4) The lead organization or organizations shall take steps to minimize the costs that implementation of the processes, guidelines, and standards may have on participating entities, including providers.


Findings2009 c 300: See note following RCW 41.05.036.
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