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Disability leave supplement for law enforcement officers and firefightersExhaustion of accrued sick leave.

If an employee's accrued sick leave is exhausted during the period of disability, the employee may, for a period of two months following return to active service, draw prospectively upon sick leave the employee is expected to accumulate up to a maximum of three days or three work shifts, whichever is greater. Any sick leave drawn prospectively as provided in this section shall be charged against earned sick leave until such time as the employee has accrued the amount needed to restore the amount used. In the event an employee terminates active service without having restored the sick leave drawn prospectively, the employer shall deduct the actual cost of any payments made under this section from compensation or other money payable to the employee, or otherwise recover such payments.


Program and fiscal review1985 c 462: See note following RCW 41.04.500.
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